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Please enter the above information to the best of your knowledge. All boxes with a * icon next to the box are MANDATORY and you must enter the information to be allowed to CONTINUE. Please enter an accurate birth date because this date will be used to present to you various activities applicable to your age. Also, to participate in an age sensitive activity, you will have to present a copy of your birth certificate. After you have entered all the pertinent information, you will be prompted to pay online for the selected activity. You can't JUST register for an activity online, you also have to pay for the activity online. If during this process you decide to back out before completing paying via PAYPAL, there will be no record of you having attempted to register for the selected activity. Registration not complete until birth certificate provided and age is validated.

Parents/Spectators Code of Conduct

As a parent or spectator, I will:

  1. Support the coaches, players, and/or cheerleaders and help teach the value of commitment to the team, sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play.
  2. Support my child's team and help my child and BCRD make athletic contests a positive educational experiences
  3. Direct constructive criticism of my child's team program to the head coach and/or association officials at an appropriate time. I will work toward a positive result for all concerned.
  4. Accept decisions of the game officials (including coaches) on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of said officials. The officials are in charge of all games; their decisions are final.
  5. Exhibit exemplary sportsmanship at all times.
  6. Emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students that are physically and mentally alert.
  7. Strive to make every activity serve as a training ground for life, and a basis for good mental and physical health by being present to support the children.
  8. Abstain from being under the influence of or in possession of and/or drinking alcoholic beverages and the possession or use of any illegal substance on both the game and practice fields.
  9. Stay behind the designated spectator line during a game.

As a parent or spectator, I will not:

  1. Interfere/interrupt the coaching staff during games or practices.
  2. Criticize officials or coaches, direct abuse or profane language toward them, or otherwise subvert their authority.
  3. Criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches, or spectators by word of mouth, by gesture, or by deliberately inciting unsportsmanlike behavior.
  4. Undermine, in work or deed, the authority of the coach or BCRD.

      I have read and agree to the Code of Conduct